THE opening of state-owned excellent schools is a good beginning in the education world.
Seen from social raising demand and formal juridical dimension, it is proper for goverment to take care of the excellent schools.

UP TO NOW there have been wealhty people sending their children to study abroad since
they assume that foreign education is better then the domestic one. Thought the assumption might not be true, our society is indeed longing for an improvement of education quality.

THE EXECUTION of excellent school really is confided implicitly by UU No. 2/1989 about national education system. Excellent school is aimed at serving superior children.

THERE ARE four conditions to which attention must be paid in order that the excellent school really has a function according to the law. Those conditions include student candidate recruitment model, curriculum design, teacher’s maturity and learning model.

THE STUDENT candidate recruitment model can be carried out in six ways. They are observation and nomination by teacher, acheivement test of classical school, intelligence test, creativity test, extraordinary
acheivement test and indicidual acheivementtest.

CURRICULUM design dealing with the excellent school is to serve various talents and specialties. The curriculum has design to
take students into enrichment programs. It also pays much attention to dynamic characteristics of individual developement.

TEACHER’S maturity is very important in dealing with superior children generally having special characteristics in humor, emotion, and communication ability. Thus,
this need a mental maturity of teacher qualified to teach without constraining students’ wishes.

LEARNING model, emphasizes more on “Student active learning”. Students should be more active, while teachers act only as facilitators and motivators. Here, the teachers do not become information sources.

FINALLY, we hope the excellent school concept can be applied ideally in the future.


state-owned = negri
wealthy = orang kaya
assumption = penerimaan
confided implicitly = menceritakan secara mutlak
is aimed = diarahkan
maturity = kedewasaan
be carried out = membawa, mengadakan, mengamalkan
enrichment = memperkaya
thus = demikian, jadi, hingga
constraining = memaksa, mendesak